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Hello There!

My name is Lucy,  I am an independent artist and illustrator currently living in Singapore.. I always loved drawing from a very early age. If I wasn't climbing up trees or going on expeditions with a bag full of jars to collect different bugs, I was drawing.  I was convinced by everyone around me that I could not make a living as an artist so I went on to study Corporate Law followed by a Master of Fashion and Luxury Business Management with a focus on sustainability and abandoned art for most of my college years. In 2013 I started experimenting with spray paint, pencils, and acrylics again. At around 2015 I created an Instagram account just for fun and to keep me motivated to draw each day. Today I have developed a keen interest in illustration and have taken my art on a digital journey. If I am not drawing, I am probably spending time with my little dog Roa, hiking mountains with Neil, cooking up veg, doing yoga, meditating, or reading books.  


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