5 Vegan Christmas Treats

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While having piles of sugar surely isn’t good for your body, Christmas is all about spoiling yourself with sweet winter flavours of spices, mint, ginger and of course chocolate! Last year this time I had 5+ months strict zero sugar policy resulting in missing on all the festive goodies so this year I have let myself indulge in my favourite treats.  I love baking and making my own things at home but these are my favourite ready-made go to options.

Dove’s Farm Gluten Free Ginger Cookies

70042011_0_640x640These  Doves Farm cookies I have all year round because I love ginger cookies! I prefer to make my own but if there is no time these are gluten free, crumbly and delicious. 

Foods of Athenry Mince Pies


This is the find of the season. There was a significant amount of drama before I got to try these. The chance of finding gluten-free and vegan ones seemed quite slim until  I walked in Supervalu and I saw the foods of Athenry Mince pies. Firstly, I have high respect for the company as everything I have tried has good ingredients and it is incredibly delicious (you have to try their chocolate shot cookies). Secondly, it was November and I decided not to buy them and to wait at least until December. BIG MISTAKE. When I went again they were all gone and it has been 3 weeks and they are still not there. I went to 7 different Supervalu’s with no luck, feeling down that maybe I and the mince pies were just not meant to be.  However, when I came across them in Dunnes stores I walked out with 3 boxes and the biggest smile ever. As my dad likes repeating: ‘Miracles do happen around Christmas’ :P. They lived up to expectations with a taste of a more upper range pies. Loved them! Foods of Athenry you made Christmas.

Booja Booja Gourmet Selection 


Booja Booja are the best truffles I have ever tasted vegan or not. They really are amazing and only have a few natural ingredients in them. As they are rather pricey they make a very special holiday treat. Flavours vary from Almond and Sea Salt, Hazlenut Crunch , Champagne chocolate, Rum Suzzled Sultana, Midnight Espresso and Stem Ginger. They are all delicious and available in most health stores.


Celestial Seasoning Tea 



On my recent trip to the Sostrene Grene shop in Cork, I got a Christmas tea- Candy Cane Lane. I almost finished the whole box within 2 weeks having 2-3 teas a day so I wanted to try their other flavours. I left the shop with Spice Sugar Plum and Cinnamon Apple Spice. They are so full of flavour that they are a treat on their own. Available online at their own website and IHerb.

NoBo Mint Chocolate 


I tried the new Nobo Chocolates a few weeks ago in Dublin. My taste buds had a party! What vegan chocolate usually lacks is the milky creaminess but NoBo has achieved that! Since they are not widely available yet I ordered some from their website and besides the blue one- Creamy and Smooth, my second favourite was the Mint Crunch one! It comes with the rich in flavour cacao nibs on top. Perfect for Christmas.

What Christmas Treats Do You Love Having?

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