Artist’s Attic

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Welcome to the attic, where pencil sharpening, brush dipping, tea spilling and daydreaming takes place.

The natural world and the primitive are an integral part of humanity, that many of us have become detached from in this modern era. I want my work to enlighten and challenge the norms of purpose created by contemporary society through exploring the harmonious symbiosis of raw emotion and nature. Through my art, I strive to represent this unity: bound by innocence, and expressed by giving the face more childlike proportions.


As humans we are always searching for meaning, explanations, and reasons; animals – foxes, rabbits deer, whales – however, do not look for such significance. Instead, they live life in the present moment, and it is their purity and simplicity that I want to connect to us. Through acrylic on canvas I search to create a dreamlike, whimsical space where prejudice is stripped and you come as you are, without the need to fit into the mould that society dictates.