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 The Face Behind the Blog



My name is Lucy Penkova. I was born and bred at the bottom of Vitosha mountain in the city of Sofia, which is in the beautiful Balkans, threaded with culture and traditions. There are a few characteristics where I am from – some good some bad – which left a lasting memory; materialistic obsession, overeating and true deep relationships.

Fast forward a few years and there I was in Johannesburg, South Africa where fear becomes part of your everyday existence. There I learned to appreciate the colours of the African sky, the purple flowers of the jacaranda and the possibility of seeing animals at every step. There I learned that money is not a necessity for the African smile. There I felt pain for unfair destinies and tried to express it with aerosol on walls.

The scenery then changed from the African sunburnt landscape to the lush green lands, thick clouds and fresh air of Ireland. Upon my arrival, I was grieving the loss of my mom. The next few years were marked in dark colours; I worked hard as a tennis coach, I spent endless hours in the library studying law cases for my bachelor degree, I ate badly, I was constantly sick.

 Towards the end of 2013, one cold winter’s night myself and my boyfriend Neil sat down to watch a documentary FOOD Inc. I was extremely shocked by what goes into the food that we eat. I always thought that if something is sold it must be safe and suitable for human consumption without causing harm. For me, foods simply divided into two categories; ones that you gain weight from and ones that you don’t. The other striking thing at the time was the fact that food impacts your health and it can be a contributing factor to the cause and maintenance of some major diseases including the one that took my mother- cancer.That eye-opening night was followed by extensive research into the food that we eat. Those discoveries led to a lifestyle change where I embraced fresh organic produce and a meat-free diet. The sicknesses lessened. The fog cleared up and my desire to create was back. I started to draw again.

Neil and I then embarked on an adventure and  moved to Barcelona where I completed a  Masters in Luxury and Fashion Management. My intention with the Masters I studied was that I would find a business niche with which I could fall in love with. Instead, I found myself despising the fast fashion world and its destructive consequences of its activities on our planet. I could see the appeal of some of the luxury sectors with their carefully hand-crafted products embedded with history, but even they were losing their charm and exclusivity in desperation for expansion into Asian markets. Sustainable fashion and sustainable production in any industry became the primary focus of my degree.

After heading back to Ireland, residing in a lovely little redbrick house in the sometimes-sunny Cork, I decided it might be fruitful if I share my experiences of attempting to live a non-toxic life. 

Surely, no house is a home without a dog. So at the door you will be greeted by a very special well-travelled little girl named Roa. She will jump, give you kisses and finally settle on your lap to keep you warm.
Welcome to my place, the kettle is on.

Lucy Penkova